Payment methods

  • Using Card (Credit, Debit)
    You can pay for your orders using a VISA and MASTERCARD credit card or a VISA ELECTRON debit card. Alternatively, you can use all VISA and MASTERCARD prepaid cards (regardless of issuing bank).
    The option to pay for your order by credit or debit or prepaid card, in a completely secure and controlled environment by the bank, to ensure the confidentiality of your transaction details


  • Paypal
    By choosing to pay via Paypal you will be transferred to the Paypal website (online secure transaction system) where you can pay either with your credit / debit card or through your Paypal account.
    The PayPal payment process is fully automated and is usually completed within minutes. During this process no personal information (including credit card number) is stored on

  • Deposit to our account (You should PAY ALL the Bank Fees)


    Iban: GR4901102190000021900461837
    Beneficiary: Panioras P. Georgios



    Beneficiary: Panioras P. Georgios